• Spreads trash evenly
  • Eliminates rind, breaks down clods
  • Eliminates second working


  • Economical to use
  • Fits most tillage implements
  • Economically priced
  • Lifts out of ground with implements
  • Adaptions available for all types of machines



Heavy Duty 3 Row Flexible Harrows with Large 3/4" x 13" Long Spike Teeth

- The Ground is worked every 3 1/2" -

The harrows will perform extremely well behind chisel ploughs breaking clods and levelling the soil, a task that has not been performed well with existing tyne type harrows.  They will also handle enormous amounts of trash due to the unique hinge type action that clears and spreads particularly well at high speed.

As they are manufactured locally they can be made to suit most implements so that they lift and fold with the machine.

The harrows are being produced in 3 row models to suit cultivators and 5 row models chisel ploughs and primary tillage equipment.



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